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What Graduates Say:

“It opened many doors of possibility. For the first time I was offered the choice of perspective and began learning the skills that would allow me to improve the quality of anything I chose to focus on. This opened up new avenues of moving through the world, allowing me the choice to live my life with purpose, or Not, but most importantly it started a journey of learning and growth that are key components of my coaching identity.”

Tim Goodenough, ACMC
Sports Performance Coach

“I honestly don't know where I would be without this course. My knowledge and skill levels increased enormously, thus making a massive difference in my confidence as a coach. It gave me such incredible skills that I know I am now able to coach at a much deeper and transformational level. For any people out there wishing to be at the pinnacle of the coaching profession, then these trainings are an absolute must.”

Rachel Grant, ACMC
NS-NLP Trainer and Meta - Coach

“I encourage anyone looking at improving their skills of how to achieve a higher level of performance in business and life. This training has given me both, it is invaluable.”

Martin Urban, ACMC
Executive & Personal Coach