About Us

Our coaches are certified with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS, USA) Meta Coach™ Training system. Meta Coach™ training draws on the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS) and integrates them into cutting-edge coaching psychology. The training programs are rigorous and the qualifications internationally recognised.

Our coaches are members of the International Meta Coach Foundation (MCF). The MCF, as an international Association, holds the ethical and moral standards for Meta-Coaches around the world and at the present is the only Association with a board of examiners to receive complaints and work them through.

  • Are you ready for that next level of performance?
  • Are you ready to move up to the next level of achievement and success?
  • Are you ready to unlock and unleash your potential?

Men and women around the world have been unlocking and unleashing their potential by working with a personal Meta-Coach. The difference between good and great, between masterful and excellent is, more often than not, the finer distinctions that they discover and enhance with a personal Meta-Coach.

Meta-Coaching works on both your inner and outer games.
The outer game is where we talk about actual performance—what you do, the application of your skills and talents, the identification of the skills needed, and the implementation of your skills.
The inner game is the internal game you play in your mind and emotions so that you can be at your best. It’s your inner game of frames—the frames of mind that make up your attitude.

We call this inner game of frames, your matrix of frames.
As a matrix of frames, Meta-Coaching will enter and explore the frames that you have created that govern and modulate your experiences. This is a positive and generative form of understanding human functioning— positive because we focus on solutions, possibilities, hopes and dreams; and generative because it’s all about generating the best games both inside and outside.

Meta-Coaching is about looking at how you take an outside, external referent event and bring it inside yourself.
“Meta Coaching is a conversation like none other, that gets to the heart of things by finding the frames that create your reality and systematically show you how to change what you want to change and unleash your potentials.” (Meta-Coach System Co-Founder, Dr. Michael L. Hall)

When we coach to these matrices of frames, we coach to enabling you to create a robust sense of Self in all of its dimensions—self-identity, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, etc. We coach so that you develop a powerful sense of being resourceful and able to handle things. We coach for your way of coding and handling the concept of Time so that you show up for life by living in the moment with an eye on a bright future. We coach for an enhanced map about others, relationships, connection, cooperation, conflict resolution, and working with and through people. And we coach to specific fields of endeavour where you want to become skilled and even masterful.

These are just some dimensions of Meta Coaching.

Are you ready for your personal Meta-Coaching adventure?