Module 1: Coaching Essentials™

Coaching Essentials™ (or Advanced NLP Communication Essentials) program introduces the essentials of the coaching conversation to those new to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching:-
setting you off on the adventure of coaching, helping you to listen actively, to question precisely & to converse effectively,  to have greater sensory awareness, to build rapport effortlessly, to access better your resources for peak performance, and to overcome personal issues (e.g. fears, phobias & unhelpful behaviors).

You will learn state management techniques. You will also learn to distinguish linguistic distinctions and to ‘figure out people’ by learning about their ‘perceptual lenses’ that they use to view their world.

A 3 day introduction to the essential coaching skills of NLP that begins the process: Building rapport, Listening, Pacing, Anchoring, State Management, Accessing your Resourcefulness, Precision Questioning, Giving Feedback, Overcoming fears & phobias, Changing unhelpful behaviors, and more.

Our training class size is restricted, to enable better learning and for students to gain the required knowledge and skills in a conducive environment.

Next training dates:  (Fri-Sun) 04-06 Dec 2020
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There is no prior learning required for participating in Module 1: Coaching Essentials.
If you have NLP or Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification from a recognized Institute, you can skip this Module and go straight to Module 2: Coaching Genius™.