Module 2 : Coaching Genius™

Coaching Genius™ (or Accessing Personal Genius (APG))  program introduces you to the self-reflexivity model of Meta-States to empower you in working with the higher levels of the mind, especially to set resourceful frames as a change agent and to meta-state your way to personal genius (Also for self-mastery & self-leadership).

A 3 day introduction to the Meta-States Model that focuses on developing your powers of mastery for focus and engagement. This training takes the prerequisites of personal genius and uses them for 14 meta-stating patterns. Applied to coaching, this provides basic Meta-Coach patterns and enables one to create his or her coaching genius state. These 14 patterns also work on the qualities you need to texture as you meta-state your way to self-leadership.

Next training dates:  (Fri-Sun) 18-20 Dec 2020
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Our training class size is restricted, to enable better learning and for students to gain the required knowledge and skills in a conducive environment

Prerequisite: Module 1: Coaching Essentials™ preferred, but not compulsory.