What are the 7 essential coaching skills?

Individuals who have achieved the ACMC (Associate Meta-Coaching) Credential have been benchmarked and demonstrated competency in all 7 of these Essential Coaching Skills. The 7 essential coaching skills are:

1) Listening:
Being actively present to a client, collecting and synthesizing the sensory information (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) as well as non-sensory specific terms so as to accurately reflect back the content presented as well as process information.

2) Supporting:
Providing a sense of safety to client through questioning, listening, celebrating, expression affirmations of belief in and trust in the client, through managing environment, and the conversation.

3) Questioning:
Asking a person to turn and reflect inwardly to respond with ideas, answers, resources, and solutions, inquiring about the client’s world of ideas, beliefs, frames, goals, … etc.

4) Meta-Questioning:
Asking question about previous questions, asking about one’s mind-body states and about higher level states of awareness. Meta-Questioning invites a client to explore higher frames of mind, that is, thoughts and feelings about thoughts and feelings.

5) Inducing States
To say words, use metaphors, tell stories in such a way that invites another to recall or imagine a mind-body-emotional experience. To use voice and gestures in such a way that a client begins to think-and-feel as if in that way of thinking and feeling.

6) Giving Feedback:
Saying words with the support of gestures, movements, voice tone, etc. that both provides support and a mirroring back to the client of a specific behavior that leads to an improvement in performance, state, belief, etc.

7) Receiving Feedback:
Hearing and asking about information that mirrors back how a response came across, taking that in, reflecting upon it, asking more questions about it, integrating what one finds useful in order to improve performance toward a desired outcome.

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