What is APG (Accessing Personal Genius)?

APG (Accessing Personal Genius) is the flagship of Neuro-Semantics. It is the workshop that introduces the Meta-States model, that sets the foundational skills for Neuro-Semantics, and that takes NLP to a whole new level of systemic thinking and operating. As the flagship it is the principal training that opens up all of the other areas in Neuro-Semantics. It is the second module in Meta-Coaching (Coaching Genius).

Accessing Personal Genius (APG) is the foundational workshop for learning the Meta-States model. This model entered into the field of NLP in 1995 with its acceptance by the International Trainers Association (INLPTA) as “the most significant contribution to NLP” in that year (Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall). Since then, 25 to 35 thousand people have been introduced to Meta-States directly through the day-day APG training.

APG is designed to facilitate psychologically healthy people to breakthrough personal barriers and unleash new levels of potential. It can even help those on the low end of healthy functioning to gain new levels of personal power and resourcefulness.

The potential benefits from Accessing Personal Genius (APG) Training includes:
· Accelerated learning state of mind.
· Expanded creativity and problem-solving skills.
· Unconditionally esteem yourself as a person beyond what you do.
· Eliminate self-depreciating thoughts.
· Eliminate old limiting beliefs.
· Install new empowering beliefs.
· Manage internal dragons via slaying, taming, or transforming them.
· Own your personal power for proactive response-ability.
· Embody great ideas and concepts into your muscle-memory.
· Put more pleasure and joy in life via accessing your strategy of meta-level pleasuring.
· Take an intentional stance with your highest objectives and values.
· Eliminate attention deficit with intentional fullness.
· Develop a laser beam focus for a healthy genius state.
· Graciously handle interruptions via discreet state shifting skills.
· Use personal congruence via alignment for a higher level of personal integrity and credibility

Would you want to breakthrough personal barriers and unleash new levels of potential?
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