Testimonials and Feedback from Module 1 Coaching Essentials Workshop

Module 1 Coaching Essentials Workshop

Thanks to the participation and contributions from the participants of our recently concluded Module 1 Coaching Essentials Workshop, we had a fabulous 3 days of experiential learning.

Rating (Rating from 1 Star to 5 Stars) 1 = Poor, 2 = Average, 3 = Good, 4 =Very Good, 5 = Excellent

Topics and Content:              4.3

Schedule and Flow:               4.3

Physical Set-Up:                    4.3

Food and Venue:                   4.3

Facilitator:                              4.5

Overall Workshop Rating:      4.3


Some comments from the participants:

In my professional life, I will apply meta-programs for different tasks.

In my professional life, I can use WFOs for solutioning.

Professionally, I can use Meta-Model for communication.

In my Professional life, I can apply the NLP Pre-suppositions and NLP Communication Models.

At work, I can use Meta-Programs to help me understand people when dealing with colleagues and clients.

Tools learned (e.g. Meta Model, WFOs) can be applied during my consultation work.

I can apply Meta-Programs, The Communication Model & Perceptual Flexibility at work.

Professionally I will use Meta-Model, WFOs and Meta-Programs.

For my personal life, I created my circle of excellence.

In my personal life, I will be using WFOs and Meta-Programs.

I can apply Meta-Programs in my personal life to help me understand myself & my family better.

I can apply State Management & WFOs in my personal life.

What I like best about the workshop is the interactions and discussions.

What I like best about the workshop is the applications (of the various tools).

I like the practical sessions in the workshop.

I have learned (a lot) and enjoyed the workshop.


Join us for our next Module 1 Coaching Essentials workshop.