The Benefits of Meta-stating Skills (Covered in Module 2 Coaching Genius)

Co-authored by Dr. Michael Hall & Michael CW Chang

While the course overview of Module 2: Coaching Genius (or Accessing Personal Genius) are listed in the page describing this module in this website, let’s summarize what you can expect to potentially gain when you learn the skills of meta-stating, i.e. gain the ability to use systemic non-linear thinking approach required when we are meta-stating.

Meta-states is not just a model about how we think, feel, relate, act and speak, it is  a different way of thinking about the way we function as a human being. Understanding this self-reflexive consciousness is to enter into a non-linear way of thinking and feeling, and to go for a ride. That’s because our self-reflexive consciousness goes round and round in circles, it spirals up and it spirals down. And often, we can get lost in our own thoughts and hardly know which way is up.

Learning the ins and outs of our meta-state reflexivity will make us a better leader, manager, coach, parent and partner. It will enable us to see into the very structure of experience and to model peak performances. It will enable us to more fully understand the higher levels of our mind that are typically outside of conscious awareness. And it will empower us to take charge of the higher functions of our creative mind to actualize our highest and best.

Meta-stating model is a tool:

1)    For personal development – as you access the prerequisite states of mind and emotion necessary to develop personal mastery and expertise in a given area.

2)    For self-actualization – as you set meta-states which enable you to step in and out of a state of “flow” and turn these “peak performance” on and off at will.

3)    For modelling expertise and expert performances – as you identify the critical frames of mind that facilitates a specific excellence.

4)    For accelerating learning and transformation – as you can quickly get to the leverage frames that make the difference. As a result, Dr. Michael Hall has written many frame game books for winning the inner game in numerous areas – being fit and slim, creating wealth, management, mastery of fear, entrepreneur, business mastery, …etc.

It is an exciting journey and we’re delighted to welcome you to join us in our next Module 2 Coaching Genius class.

Bob Bodenhamer, the co-founder of Neuro-Semantics, states that, “meta-states explains what works in NLP, what doesn’t and how to determine the meta-level or meta-state that makes the difference.” I am wondering what challenges people could have when they take a normal NLP Practitioner without learning meta-states, and not learn the Neuro-Semantics Meta-NLP Practitioner including learning meta-states?

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