Why You would want to Choose Us?

“Meta Coaching is a conversation like none other, that gets to the heart of things by finding the frames that create your reality and systematically shows you how to change what you want to change and unleash your potentials.” (Dr. Michael Hall)

Our coaches are trained under the Meta Coach™ Training system.

Meta Coach™ training draws on the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS) and integrates them into cutting-edge coaching psychology. The training programs are rigorous and qualifcations internationally recognised.

Our coaches are members of the International Meta Coach Foundation (MCF).
The MCF, as an international Association, holds the ethical and moral standards for Meta-Coaches around the world and at the present is the only Association with a board of examiners to receive complaints and work them through. As an International Association, members of the MCF are supported by an exclusive egroup and by local MCF chapters where members can practice, share resources, engage in professional development, and network with Coaches from other coach training organisations. The International MCF also supports research in Meta-Coaching models and technologies to provide credibility. The International MCF is committed to raising and managing resources for qualitative and quantitative research into the field of Coaching and the application of Neuro-Semantics® models for the field of Coaching.